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Nico Meyer has spent the last ten years residing in San Diego working as a structural engineer and creating art. He employs his Masters of Science in Structural Engineering to execute large scale, complex, geometrical artwork. His work is heavily influenced by the beauty and structure of mathematics. The core of which utilizes spacial and conceptual illusions to remind us of the mental projections we swim in daily. These forms play on the brain's desire to categorize, simplify and fill in the gaps with its concept of reality, illuminating our unconscious patterns. With this heightened awareness, Nico hopes to create space for open-minded conversation, greater understanding and freedom within our lives and our minds.


His work spans between smaller commissioned pieces and large outdoor public sculptures. Two recent public sculptures of note include: ‘Decidedly Bonnaroo,’ displayed in Nashville International Airport, TN, is a Mobius and trefoil knot built from individual frames contrasting the individual with infinity/continuity, and ‘Stranded Heart’, on El Paseo, in Palm Desert, CA, is a large scale heart made of individual strands which appear to vanish once looking at the heart directly, questioning the emotional and conscious experience. He has an exciting future in the world of design and art with much more to offer.

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