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Kinetic sculpture for Manhattan Beach

Emergence is a wind driven kinetic sculpture with a loose basis on the Hopf Fibration. The piece will be installed in Metlox Plaza in Manhattan Beach in Summer of 2019

Stranded Heart

9' x 12' x 3' - steel

Steel sculpture on El Paseo in Palm Desert, CA. Will be up until Spring of 2020.

Decidedly Bonnaroo

Follow the Bonnaroovian Code

The Bonnaroovian code, which was never written but always was, offers a great written concept for the Bonnaroo infinity symbol: an expression of continual fostering of positivity, of an ‘us’ mentality, a self reliant and respectful, helpful expression of the truly positive human experience. I want to present the concept of this infinitely reaching idea/practice with a mobius strip in the form of a trefoil knot. Trefoil knots have long been used as a symbol for infinity and interconnectedness. The mobius continues on this concept where the apparently individual sides and faces are actually one continuous strip. If you follow an edge, you will have traveled along each edge of the entire trefoil knot. The feeling of separateness of the faces and edges is merely an illusion. This illusion of separation, once exposed, acts as an antidote to ‘us versus them’ thinking and aligns well with the Bonnaroovian Code and the shared Bonnaroo Experience!


The knot creates a complex 3D representation of the Bonnaroo Infinity symbol. The separate panels formed from equilateral triangles create a moire effect relative to each other presenting an additional feeling of motion. This creates an eye catching visual, drawing attention whether or not the piece is in motion. I am interested in listing the bonnaroovian code along the ledge of the skylights to give some additional context to the piece and its connection to Bonnaroo.

Where is the Present

If you had to unwrap each new day, would you treat it more like a gift?

Where is the Present started as a play on words based on meditation, a brief look at the present moment as you pay attention to what’s paying attention. Throughout the build, it turned into a question about where the real value of a present lies... and how we tell when something is a gift. It’s painfully obvious when we have to unwrap something and if we had to unwrap each day every morning, we could more easily appreciate the present as a present....
#psudeoprofundity .

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