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The Art of Habit is the habit tracker you want to keep on your wall while you are developing a habit or training for that next event. It is a specifically designed print with raised linework for individual cells which represent up to 6 goals per day for a 40 day period. Track your progress with daily reflections and enjoy filling in your daily cells to reveal the joy of tumbling block optical illusions. 

You can choose up to 6 habits to focus on developing over the 40 day period. Andrew Huberman and others have great tips on habit formation. I suggest include setting intentions in the morning and reviewing your efforts in the evening to determine what is effective for you, what can be done to improve where needed, and if you need to adjust your goals. 

The intention is for the 40 day process to be about the formation of daily habits. The design can easily be broken into 3 or 6 goals for habit formation. These can be tracked by linking a specific color or shade to a specific shape with the daily cell hexagon. Monochrome or shades of a main color is an easy way to obtain a great visual effect, and of course add color to your heart's desire! The Art of Habit is meant to be something you want to hang up on your wall to remind you of when you developed a reading habit, established a stretching or reading routine, or trained for a marathon. 

Habit formation is about setting clear goals that are focused on developing the Habit that makes your life more worth living but not setting goals that are too much of a reach. If you want to read more, your habit formation goal can be read one page every day before bed or with a cup of coffee. There is no excuse not to get 1 page in but you will find yourself continuing after it. If you find any goals too easy, progress your threshold for success over the 40 day span filling in the associated cell when you have achieved your daily habit formation intention. 

Some of my successful habit formations have been: 
- physical training/stretching for 15 minutes minimum per day (this got me to ~1 hour a day physical training of some sort)
- read 5 minutes per day minimum (I went from 1 book a year to on book five of the Dune saga in 8 months)
- design your day for 15 minutes each morning and review your day in the evening (this is huge for adjusting expectation and evaluating what you want more of and less of in your life).
- get sunlight in your eyes within 20 minutes of waking (total game changer on circadian rhythm and overall energy)
- limit coffee to between 1.5 hours after waking and 9 hours before bed (improves energy throughout the day and eliminated the need for coffee to 'wake up')

Good luck with your habit formation and We hope you love your Art of Habit! We would love to hear from you which habits you formed and are most stoked about!

Art of Habit - HEX | white on paper

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  • This is 11x15 inch 140 lb premium watercolor paper with specifically designed raised printing to facilitate a beauitful watercolor experience with ease. Product is the printed design on paper, no frame or coloring of the shapes included. 

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